Stable Steam Client 23.09.2022 released for Linux

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Another new stable Steam-Client 23.09.2022 has been released for Linux.

23 September - Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Games to Play Together
You can now add Friends as a filter under Advanced Filtering in your Library. It will show games you have in common.
Right-click on any user in Chat or your Friends List to Find Games to Play Together and it will auto-populate your filter while also applying the Multiplayer tag.
Right-click a Group Chat header to do the same with smaller group chats or voice channels (8 members or less)

In-game purchases on Mac and Linux will now use the updated purchase approval dialog
Reduced network usage at startup
Fixed issue causing games which are currently updating to not change to playable when going into Offline Mode unless Steam is restarted
Fixed link to downloads page not appearing at client startup if no downloads are ongoing
Fixed input of characters using AltGr on Windows in the Steam Login dialog and Steam Chat and web browsers in the Steam Overlay
Fixed community broadcast pop-out and closing of the mini-player view
Fixed client update dialog sometimes failing to display update notes
Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 85.0.4183.121

Remote Play
Greatly improved capture performance in Vulkan games
Fixed Remote Play launch hanging when the remote game had a cloud sync pending
Fixed black screen when streaming to a Linux computer

Steam Input
Steam no longer ignores PS4 controllers when DS4Windows is running, allowing DS4Windows to remap them normally
Added support for the Hori Fighting Stick α
Added support for Kinvoca Joy-Cons controllers
Default the names of generic gamepads to the device name reported over USB
Fixed not being able to press the mic button on PS5 controllers
Fixed displaying the name of Nintendo Online NES controllers
Fix an issue where Switch controllers could show up w/ a duplicate device
Fixed issues w/ Alt-Tabbing via Guide Button Chords
Added experimental support for PS3 controllers on macOS
Bring various bug fixes from the Steam Deck beta branch to fix those while streaming from the Desktop client
FlickStick Upgrade (inherited from CS:GO)
New angle snapping options for initial Flick-Turns (None, 180, 90, 60, 45, Forward Deadzone Angle).
Tunable Forward Deadzone Angle.
Rapid consecutive Flick-Turns will be fully respected (the previous Flick-Turn was interrupted in the last version)
Flick-Turn Duration becomes a tunable smoothing factor (low pass filter), instead of a fixed duration. The time to complete a turn is relative to the size of the angle being turned.
Flick-Turn is smoothed based on how far the stick is thrown past the inner deadzone, for a less "surprising" Flick-Turn threshold.
Sensitivity Setting becomes "Pixels Per Revolution" (This setting was previously pixels per half revolution).
Sweep rotation sensitivity and smoothing can be tuned independent of Flick-Turn.
More gradual rotation when stick is partially-thrown

Steam Overlay
Fixed web browser crash when loading certain blank URLs

Fixed incorrect placement of "Restore Window" button when client window is maximized

Fix entering characters in Steam Overlay that use an AltGr key sequence