Stable Steam Client 21.12.2020 with more improvements for Linux released

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Valve has released another stable Steam-Client (21.12.2020) for Linux:

21 December - Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


Added a new game properties dialog, which replaces the old dialog for all Steam games.
Fixed displaying the coming soon date for a pre-loaded game

Steam Input
Added support for software calibration of the PS5 controller gyro
Fix issue with Dpad emulation in games using the joyGetPosEx Windows API, ex: Shiren the Wanderer
Fix Nintendo Switch origins in Steam Input API not reflecting the current Nintendo/Xbox layout setting

Steam Cloud
Fixed an issue causing files to swap between users under separate Windows user IDs, and also with some file stored in paths with embedded 64-bit SteamIDs

P2P connections now may attempt to negotiate a direct connection (punch NAT), if needed, to prevent connections from having very high latency. Added an option in the In-Game settings panel to control when your IP address is shared.

Server Browser
Fix bug causing LAN server browser search to not show any servers

Improved performance of processing incremental Vulkan shader database updates
Fixed several issues around skipped Vulkan shader processing continuing in the background after a game has started
Disabled shader processing on NVIDIA while driver issues are being looked into
Fixed long delay in UI response when hot-plugging a controller

Disabled “Enable GPU accelerated rendering in web views” and “Enable hardware video decoding” settings on Apple M1 devices due to poor HW-accelerated performance currently through Rosetta.