SC-Controller: v0.4.8.7 released

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux user mode driver for the Steam- and other controllers (e. g. DS4), has been released in version


AppImage tested on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Fedora 35, Fedora 33, Manjaro, and PopOS 21.10
Updated AppImage scripts for setuptools behavior changes and library path changes
Migrate script to use setuptools rather than distutils. Try to comply with PEP 632 regarding the deprecation of distutils
Fixed Turn Off Controller option for BLE connected controller. Contribution by labsin
Changed feel of rumble emulation support. Period and amplitude of haptics change depending on data in ff_rumble event struct. I find that it feels better
Fixed long packet support for BLE reader. 3 input packet payloads now work in BLE reader
Fixed hotplug detection for BT connected Steam Controller
Added report ID 3 to feature report packets to allow BLE support to work again. Needed to make BLE support work with later versions of BlueZ (5.64)
Fixes to allow Bluetooth evdev and HID controllers to appear in controller registration list. Contribution by chewi
Fixed some HID driver and evdev driver crashes. Contribution by Alastor27
Fixed popup positioning and layering (somewhat) on Wayland. Contribution by Supreeeme
Allow deadzone calculations for analog trigger output. Full usable analog trigger range
Fixed Mouse Region output
Small fixes for HID report parsing
Added lowercase VDF button aliases to button dictionary
Properly clamp rotated touchpad coordinates to s16 range
Use proper limits for output 360 axes
Add DS4 v.1 detection to ds4drv driver
Fix display names for mapped X and Y buttons due to busted Linux aliases