SC-Controller: v0.4.8.13 released

SC-Controller Screenshot

sc-controller, the Linux user-mode driver for the Steam- and other controllers (eg. DS4), has been released in version

v0.4.8.13 Latest

EOL release

Invert Gyro Roll for Steam Deck input handler
Fixed state handling with Steam Deck input handler
Changed svg_widget and osd keyboard for newer ElementTree behavior
Added HAS_RSTICK flag for Steam Deck module
Make special path for RIGHT when using Steam Deck
Fixed binding of ABS_X to Gyro Per Axis
CI and AppImage generation workflows added to project. Contribution by Christian
Hotfix BT controllers on SteamOS 3. Contribution by pattontim
Support custom UDP port. Contribution by Christian
Removed cpp namespace prefixes from cemuhook_server c code. Contribution by Christian
Changes to AppImage workflow