Revhead: Update 48 "Bug Reporter" released

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The Update 48 "Bug Reporter" for the racing simulation Revhead has been released for Linux on Steam.

Update #48 Bug Reporter

Date: 10-05-2024
Version: 1.8.10703

Dear Revheads

As we are moving further with other platforms, a wider audience playing with our game and runs into problems, hidden for years.

We take all bugs seriously and to ease the process of hunting them down and help our players to report these issues, we have developed a Bug Reporter.

Players can send their problems including their game save file without leaving the game. Just open the main menu, click on Options, and find the bug reporter in the development section.

Apart from reporting a bug by the player, we have also implemented an automatic error logger and bug reporting system, including analytics data collections. All these are for helping future development and ease the process of hunting down hidden bugs.

As we must comply with GDPR, users will be notified about these data collections and can opt in or out via the options development section.

As part of this change, we have already caught some nasty bugs thanks to our beta testers. This small update includes bug fixes for such problems.


Added Bug Reporter into Options
Added Error logger via network
Added analytics data logging via network
Fixed a bug, where UTF8 characters in profile names could end up with lost items or lost car setups. (aka car reset)
Fixed loud engine sound issues
Change some unlock requirements to make it easier to unlock new tracks (don't need to be 1st)
Smaller bug fixes
Localization update

Have Fun!