Revhead: Update 41 "The Change of Balance" released

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The Update 41 "The Change of Balance" for the racing simulation Revhead has been released for Linux on Steam.

Update #41- The Change of Balance

Version: 1.7.10001

Dear Revhead,

Update #41 brings some long awaited changes. The AI became more fierce and cunning, they won't push you out off tracks,but will give you the run for your money.
We rebalanced our racing events according to the changes made to our AI. The events vary in difficulty, they all should be more enjoyable now.
Now you will truly feel the dopamin rush trough your veins after beating the races on the various tracks.

Not only did we update the AI and ecents, we also continued our quest of bettering the performance and fixing bugs for a smoother gameplay.



upgraded AI for much faster pace, better overtaking and general behaviour
re-balanced the races for better progress at the start while having more challenge in some limited races
fixed the memory usage (caused crash after longer game sessions)
much better shadow resolution
fixed engine's HP/Torque info in shops and newspaper
volumetric clouds were disabled in "fastest" and "fast" quality to get significantly higher fps on low end systems
fixed a dealer mission bug where chassis damage affected generic parts condition task
fixed tow mission penalty decision when declining the mission
fixed missing gearshift (to 1st gear) at race start in some cases
fixed some NPC cars to avoid flipovers in several situations
fixed a bug causeing missing cloud render after each 2nd race restart
fixed the spectator cam after race restart
added missing supporter animations on Gutta Raceway
fixed a bug causeing the Backyard jump on the map loaded the AirStrip race instead
fixed the Panania sport airfilter ad title
fixed the Walea fuel, water temp, clock and boost gauges to show the proper value in cockpit mode
fixed some floating vegetation (Redland)
better looking skidmarks
refined the Imalona road and trackside bumps
added trackside bumps for Yanagin tracks to penalize corner cuts
added profile save on forced quit to disable cheating and avoid profile integrity issues
updated localizations
small fixes


tow sfx and environmental sfx now conforms to cockpit camera mode
refined some car sfx volume level for better overall sound experience


hints for mechanic button (garage) and group selector button (racelobby) now shows controller/keyboard buttons dynamically
fixed a bug causeing the collect racepoints task were shown unfinished after a successful mission on the summary page
updated hints in shop
refined focus behaviour in shop and garage notepad for easier navigation
updated highlight in shop and newspaper (car ads) for better visibility
added and connected Euroa brand badges in notepad
fixed mission button issue (double click was needed in some cases)
better focus visibility on mission race event cards (in race lobby)
better focus handling in race lobby for vertical navigation
added more sophysticated race category selector in race lobby