Revhead: Update 27 released

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Revhead Magura Interior

The Update 27 for the car-simulation Revhead has now been released for Linux on Steam.

Update #27
Date: 22-05-2020
Version: 1.4.6689

Dear Revheads!

It is time to handle those endless list of parts many of you collected during the past few years. We have introducing boxes, which allows you to organise your stuff.
Any parts which will be removed from your car goes into a box. Every car has it's own box, but you can also move parts to other boxes including trash or favourite for easier management.

We have also added boxes to the back of your ute and pickups, when you are delivering something from a shop, so now you can see if you have something in the car.

If you like Magura, you will love this update! As we are working on our interiors, this time Magura gets a real classic one. (Only two more cars to go and we have all cars covered!)

Drage Tires:
We have replaced our drag tires to use proper sizes with adding 3 new rims and several drag tires in the range of 255x55R15 to 405x47xR15. Some of them are available in the main game, some needs to be unlocked or some can be found in the Turbo DLC.

Big tires on front:
When you install wide tires on front wheels (245+), those will limit the max angle of steering, due to lack of space to turn the wheel. This is car dependent, so Walea and Kanji loose more steering than a Jingu, when front tires are too wide!

Turbo DLC:
We don't forget our new dlc and we have seen several problems using twin turbos on low end linear engines. The turbos were to strong to spool both properly. We have slightly tweaked our turbos for better performance when using twin setups and we have introducing staged (or sequential) turbo setup for linear engines. Installing a stage pipe to your exhaust manifold will allow you to stage two turbos. The smaller turbo will start first (as "stage 1") and the bigger (or 2nd) will start when you already have 0.7 bar turbo pressure (as "stage 2"). This will let both of your turbos spool much faster and change the dynamics of twin turbos as well as giving you much more place to play with setups.

Also, we have added new rims and drag tires! Some of them can be unlocked if you don't have the turbo DLC (limited to 1 time unlock).

List of changes:

Magura interior
Introducing boxes, trash and favourite within your storage. When you are open your inventory in the garage, you can filter by type as well as by boxes. When you remove something from your car it will end up in a box.
Broken parts can be moved to trash or favourite. Trash can be thrown away with one click (you were waiting long time for this)
Content's of boxes can be sold with one click
Visible boxes in the back of your car, when buying some stuff at any shops.
Added Turbo stage pipe to be able to create sequential turbo configurations (Turbo DLC)
New rims and drag tires (some available only in Turbo DLC)
Fixed RPM / rev-limiter when using supercharger or turbos. In some setups, turbos or supercharger could bow-down the rpm, when limiter was enabled and caused strange rpm jumps.
Tweaked cooling effects for more realistic temperatures and to get those radiator back to work! (previous update kind of "broke" it, since the cooling was way too strong, even with damaged or over tweaked engines)
Drag tires replaced to proper sizes (balloon tires on smaller rims)
Max steering angle limited by front tire sizes
Upgraded 3D models / textures for fan, radiators and carbs.
Changed the logic of loosing race points after restarting a race: you won't loose but max 1 point, no matter how many times you restart the same race.
Added KlingerPilot 's Narnoo to newspaper (as a thanks for all those help we get from you!)
Fixed supercharger_se low shaft's visual glitch
several bug-fixes, THANKS for all those who reported bugs, so we could catch and fix them!