Lutris 0.5.17 released

Lutris Client Screen

A new version (0.5.17) of Lutris has been released:

v0.5.17 Latest

Fix critical bug preventing completion of installs if the script specifies a wine version
Fix critical bug preventing Steam library sync
Fix critical bug preventing game or runner uninstall in Flatpak
Support for library sync to, this allows to sync games, play time and categories to multiple devices.
Remove "Lutris" service view; with library sync the "Games" view replaces it.
Torturous and sadistic options for multi-GPUs that were half broken and understood by no one have been replaced by a simple GPU selector.
EXPERIMENTAL support for umu, which allows running games with Proton and Vessel. Using Proton in Lutris without umu is no longer possible.
Better and sensible sorting for games (sorting by playtime or last played no longer needs to be reversed)
Support the "Categories" command when you select multiple games
Notification bar when your Lutris is no longer supported
Improved error dialog.
Add Vita3k runner (thanks @ItsAllAboutTheCode)
Add Supermodel runner
WUA files are now supported in Cemu
"Show Hidden Games" now displays the hidden games in a separate view, and re-hides them as soon as you leave it.
Support transparent PNG files for custom banner and cover-art
Images are now downloaded for manually added games.
Deprecate 'exe', 'main_file' or 'iso' placed at the root of the script, all installers have been updated accordingly.
Deprecate libstrangle and xgamma support.
Deprecate DXVK state cache feature (it was never used and is no longer relevant to DXVK 2)