Lutris 0.5.13 released

Lutris Client Screen

Another version (0.5.13) of Lutris has been released:

v0.5.13 Latest

With this release, we're adding back the ability to run games with Proton. While this can be an useful thing for testing compatibility, it is still recommended to stick with the builds provided by Lutris. We are now using @GloriousEggroll's Proton based builds by default, which makes using Steam's proton an even narrower edge case.

For players with very large libraries, Lutris will be a lot more responsive thanks to the performance improvements by @danieljohnson2, along with loads of other UI improvements!

Starting from this release, it is now possible to reference ModDB links in Lutris installers. If your distribution doesn't provide the moddb Python package, you'll have to install it with: pip install moddb.
We also have an integration with, thanks to @GoGoOtaku (note that we don't have a way to search for or install free games from with this integration).


Add support for Proton
Add drag and drop on the main window. Dropped files will be matched
No-Intro, Redump and TOSEC checksums.
Add support for ModDB links in installers (moddb python module required)
Added "Missing" sidebar option for games whose directory is missing
Re-style the configuration, preferences, installer and add-games windows
Group configuration options into sections
Added checkbox to stop asking for the launch config for a game
Added checkbox to sort installed games first
Support for launch-configs in shortcuts and the command line
Show platform badges on banners and cover-art
Installing games from setup files can now use different presets (Win98, 3DFX, ...)
Add filter field to runner list
Show game count in search bar
Workaround Humble Bundle authentication issues by allowing importing
cookies from Firefox
Add integration
Add integration (protobuf dependency required)
Improve detection of DOSBox games on GOG
Added "Unspecified" Vulkan ICD option
Removed ResidualVM (now merged into ScummVM)
Detect obsolete Vulkan drivers and default to DXVK 1.x for them
Improved High-DPI support for custom media
Performance improvements