Ludusavi: v0.24.1 released

Ludusavi Screenshot

Ludusavi, the tool to create backups from game saves, has been released in version v0.24.1.

v0.24.1 (2024-06-15) Latest

Symlinks were incorrectly traversed when applying redirects. For example, if you had a backup-type redirect from /old to /new, but /new happened to be a symlink to /newer on your system, then the backup would incorrectly contain a reference to /newer.
Redirects could match a partial folder/file name. For example, a restore-type redirect from C:/old to C:/new would also redirect C:/older to C:/newer (C:/[old -> new]er).
On Linux, if a file name contained a colon (:), it would fail to back up.
GUI: When using a game's context menu to create a custom entry, Ludusavi did not scroll down to the new entry.

Updated translations, including a new translation for Finnish. (Thanks to contributors on the Crowdin project)