Indoorlands: Update 0.8.0 with editor for own rides and sandbox-mode released

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The update 0.8.0 with ride editor and sandbox mode for the indoor park management simulator Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.

Update 0.8.0 - Build your own rides or go play in the sandbox


Today is the day. Our probably most influential Early Access update for "Indoorlands" is now available. A little pre-Christmas present for you

Create Your Ride
The editor has been available on the "experimental" branch for quite a while, but now you get the full "Create Your Ride" experience in the normal game as well. It took us a lot of effort, but now you can use the self-made rides in your park and hopefully impress your visitors.

If you don't want to impress the visitors, maybe you want to share your creations with others? You can now do that easily via the workshop integration. We are so excited to see what you will create (what we have seen so far [url=]was already very impressive)!

At this point, a big thank you again to everyone who has tested the editor so extensively and given us feedback!

Since the Early Access release of "Indoorlands" we received a lot of requests. Perhaps the most mentioned wish was that the game should have a sandbox mode. Today the time has come: You can now choose if it should be a "career" or a "sandbox" park when creating a new park.

You can make a few settings when creating the sandbox park to customize the mode to your needs. Do you want infinite money or just an increased starting amount? Do you want to keep climbing milestone levels or does the system get in the way of unleashing your creativity? You can choose.

Larger parks
We have found that parks eventually reach their limits, as there is hardly enough space to satisfy all needs. Besides, you surely want to place your own built rides in the park now and be able to enjoy the sandbox mode even more.

Therefore we decided to increase the park size significantly. There are now 17 instead of 6 unlockable areas in the park, so the total park size has grown by 122%. To make this possible, we had to make some major performance changes, but we think the expansion is ready for you now.

Ho ho ho!
How could we release an update so close to Christmas and not offer any matching content? Not at all! That's why you can now find some wintry design possibilities in "Indoorlands".

Other changes
All entries marked with CyR are differences from the previous "experimental" version.

Christmas music for the halls added
CyR: setting of color groups and colors
CyR part: functional eccentric
CyR part: angular hub
CyR part: New seat variant
CyR part: Arm hub
CyR: motor can now be set to "oscillating" so that it performs a sinus motion
CyR: Save and load rides + workshop support
CyR: Placing of own rides in halls
CyR: Seats now have brackets
CyR: Stat values for the rides are now calculated and displayed
New supporter names. Thanks to you guys! If you also want your game to appear in the name, check out the Supporter Edition:

Some performance improvements
Limitation of number of savegames removed
CyR: The selection of parts is now more accurate

At the "Eagle" and "Salto" ride no visitors were shown in the park overview in the ride
The "Pendulum" and "Swing" ride had no sounds for the arm movement
CyR: visitors had multiple headgears

Current roadmap
With the latest changes, our roadmap now looks like this:

We will now disappear into a winter break for now and then figure out what to build next. What would you like to see next?

We hope you like the additions and changes. Thanks for your bug reports and feedback. Remember, the red button with the bug icon in the top bar is the fastest way to submit feedback. Feel free to join us on our Discord ( ) or post in the STEAM discussions.

At this point we wish you a pleasant holiday season. If you are still looking for a gift, we have a suggestion

- Your Team Pixelsplit