Indoorlands: Patch 0.10.3 released

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While still preparing for the full release, another new patch 0.10.3 for the Indoorpark-management-simulation Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.

Patch 0.10.3


today we have a small update, while we continue to work on the full version in parallel.

Rollercoasters: Track visualization and validation
We have added a few basic features to the roller coaster editor. First, the track segments now have a suitable visualization, depending on the selected type.

We also added a track validation, which means that when you edit, you can start a test. Mainly we test here if the coaster can go reach the station again, but we also added some smaller structural checks, if the track clips through the wall or the floor for example. But we also tried not to be too restrictive, so that the creative freedom remains. We hope we found a good balance here.

Important! If a roller coaster has not been tested successfully (green), then it can no longer be visited by visitors. In addition, it is then not possible to save as a blueprint. Accordingly, go through the roller coaster halls in your savegame and perform the test. In addition, we would like to ask all those who have already uploaded coasters in the workshop to upload their coasters again after validation.

Other changes
Fixed: The repair staff often didn't feel like working anymore
Fixed: Thematization could not be changed in deco halls
Fixed: The staff didn't work through some rides properly
Fixed: Visitors and staff simply stopped on some rides
Fixed: The controls for the coasters stopped working when the coaster type was changed
Fixed: Some of the rides were still smoking, even though they were repaired
Fixed: The reward windows sometimes didn't show up when other menus were open
Fixed: The visitor difficulty setting for sandbox mode could sometimes not be used
Fixed: The "# buildings of type" counter increased when you just repositioned the halls
Fixed: Localization and naming adjustments in the roller coaster node windowlet.
Fixed: A few typos
Balancing: Selling buildings now always gives 70% money back (before you got 100% back under some circumstances)
Balancing: Swapping rides now also gives 70% money back (before 50%)
Balancing: The roller coasters broke too fast
Improved: A few more button hover sounds
Improved: Small animations for the environments

Remember, feel free to report bugs and feedback via the in-game form (red beetle on the top left). Otherwise, maybe see you on our Discord?

- Your Team PIxelsplit