Indoorlands: leaves Early Access and releases full version

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After almost three years of development and over a year in Early Access, the full release of the Indoorpark-management-simulator Indoorlands is now available for Linux on Steam.


after almost three years of development and over a year in Early Access, Indoorlands goes into full release today!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Early Access players, beta testers, friends and family members who supported us during the development period. Without you this would not have been possible.

For the Full Release we have now also added some new features & changes. The roadmap is now complete!

Below is an overview of all the new changes:

For all new players: the game has now got a tutorial, which explains you the basics and for the first time the interaction of visitors, economy and research. If you follow the tips and work through your milestones and contracts quickly, you can progress faster than ever in the game and build huge indoor parks.

We think that the basic game mechanics are now so well explained that you won't have to experiment around as much (as you did in Early Access) and can focus on building parks. This should result in a relaxed yet challenging gameplay experience.

We tried to explain only the essentials and not to be too annoying. Feel free to give us feedback if you need more explanation. Also feel free to tell us what you think about the gameplay and balancing in the full version of Indoorlands now!

To all the previous players who taught themselves the game without a tutorial: We are proud of you :) But if you are interested, feel free to try the new tutorial. We would highly recommend it to everyone! To do that, you just have to go to the settings in the main menu and reset the tutorial progress.

New decorations
We have now added a whole new theming package to the game: medieval.

New coaster content
We had added "Indoorlands" coasters in the last major update. Now we made some more small improvements, but there is also new content for you. For one, there is a new coaster type: inverted coaster.

We also added 3 more coaster halls. We are excited to see what kind of coaster creations you will load into STEAM Workshop in the future.

Achievements & community items
A bigger item on our roadmap was still the missing achievements. You can now unlock over 30 of them.

We also created lots of STEAM community items & trading cards.

New languages
Integrating new languages into the game was also something we had in mind, so we had the following languages translated with professional help:
Chinese (simplified)

We also had the following automatic translations added with DeepL:

If you have feedback, especially on the automatically translated languages, feel free to get in touch.

Depending on demand, we will have more languages professionally translated over time. Let us know.

Other changes
Added new main menu
Credits added
Many new blueprints (incl. the winning halls from our last community challenge)

3 new entertainment halls

The last node when building a roller coaster can now be explicitly connected to the entrance of the roller coaster station

Models of roller coaster track types revised.
Roller coasters now generate more tags, depending on track configuration
Some sounds adjusted
Milestone tasks now have a name
Visitors should now be more willing and more correct to put their hands up when riding a roller coaster

The visitor requirement milestone now requires a bit more experience in the later levels
Impact on satisfaction by park impression slightly reduced for later levels

Sometimes the navmesh was not generated correctly, so halls were not visited by visitors
The 3D icons above broken halls did not disappear when you sold the hall
Sometimes inserted roller coaster nodes could not be moved
The roller coaster did not need to be revalidated when changing the type of roller coaster
Sometimes the coaster colors were reset when adding new nodes
The "Machine" ride did not work anymore (brackets could not be closed)
Rollercoaster inputs XAM NIM mirroring fixed
Log spamming reduced a bit
In a few halls the wall textures were distorted
A few buildings didn't have the right tags, names and icons assigned to them
Sometimes important menus could not be opened if others were not closed
Quick placement of decorations was sometimes interrupted

So... the Early Access roadmap has been worked through. And now? Where do we go from here? There is no lack of ideas from you and the team!

The motto now is: After the release is before the release. In particular, we will now spend the next few weeks analyzing your feedback and making further improvements based on it. The feedback from new players, who are now playing the game for the first time, is also important to us and will flow into the planning of future updates. A small content update, which will be released later this year, is already planned - but more on that when the time comes.
Our suggestion would be this: get comfortable, take some time and start a completely new park. After you've played for a while, write us your opinion and your suggestions for improvement. Feel free to leave a review on Steam if you haven't done so yet.

We are looking forward to your messages and wish you a relaxing time in your unique indoor park!

We would also be happy to welcome you on our Discord server ( ). Otherwise: you can still submit bug reports and feedback in-game at any time by pressing the button with the beetle in the upper left corner.

- Your Team Pixelsplit