Heliborne: umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht, neuer Name "Heliborne Collection"

Heliborne Collection Header
Heliborne Collection Screenshot

Das Helikopter-Action-Spiel Heliborne ändert mit dem neuesten Update auch seinen Namen in Heliborne Collection.

Greetings Pilots!

We have an important message and updates to pass on today. We’ll try to keep it short and not tl;dr. Briefly:

New launcher - new Steam product name - Heliborne patch - Discord updates - brief development status

In today’s patch, we introduced a new launcher. From now on, you can choose what Heliborne edition to play without switching between the branches. This will make the Heliborne game structure more transparent for the new customers, and we hope not much more complex for existing ones.

We implemented a new naming system - the main game on STEAM is now called Heliborne Collection. It includes Heliborne and Heliborne Enhanced Edition. Both editions contain all the DLCs published so far, and all the future content will be mirrored for both.
Worry not; each Heliborne version will be actively updated - today, you get the patch for Heliborne, and the Heliborne Enhanced Edition patch will follow soon.
There will be a need to download both games, so expect a 13-16 GB of download (depending on the OS) with this update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New patch arrives in Heliborne:

Fixed missing objectives on Tonkin map.
Added new standard camos (14 new skins).
Fixed the loading screen, causing the game to hard lock.
Removed placeholder "campaign settings" button.
Fixed Nguyen map - mission 3 now loads in the correct order.
Updated copyrighted helicopter names with community suggestions.

New discord server (servers structure) - a community update.

We have set up a new separate Discord server for Heliborne Enhanced Edition users to split the communities and avoid misunderstandings.
A new server link: https://discord.gg/kFzpMU8hRk. Feel invited. Please first read the rules.
The current Discord server: https://discord.gg/w7rbapJmXv remains active with mindoug’s supervision.

Consoles and PC development:

We will keep improving Heliborne Enhanced Edition - next patch ETA end of March 2021, and keep fixing ongoing issues/bugs in Heliborne - patch today. Please use the current Discord channel actively to inform us about contemporary matters.
We also submitted Heliborne Enhanced Edition for console certification to Microsoft and expect the game to be commercially available still in Q1’2021. Additionally, we are now solving specific network-related issues on PlayStation. The date of the commercial launch for this platform is still TBA.

Thank you for playing and following!

Klabater Team