Descenders: free update "New Lexico" released with new bikes, parks and more

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The new free update for Descenders called "New Lexico" has been released for Linux on Steam and adds new bikes, parks and more to the game:

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since our previous update but we're here again with a big one! New bikes, new physics, new tricks and so much more!

We've also asked the creators of some of the most popular mods on if we could integrate their maps directly into the game, this way we can bring them to non-Steam versions of Descenders as well. Next to porting these mods over we've also made 2 original bike parks. BikeOut4, the next installment in the BikeOut series, full of new and frustrating obstacles to have a go at. And New Lexico, the successor of Mt. Rosie, a massive open world with lots of areas to explore.

Console/PC Game Pass players: the content of this update will be heading your way very soon.


New Bike parks.
Most are popular mods from integrated directly into the game (Aloda Lakes, Descenders Island, The Sanctuary, MegaPark, Kushmuck4x, Idarkopf). BikeOut 4 and New Lexico are two new and original maps made by us in collaboration with Spe (creator of Stoker Bike Park).
New bike types.
The default Enduro bike can be changed to either a Hardtail or Downhill bike once you've obtained a sponsorship. You can change bike types in the Shed.
New bike physics.
Different bikes will have their own physics. While the hardtail is made for flippy bois with it's agile lightweight frame, the downhill bike is a sturdy, heavy and fast mean machine!
New tricks.
New tricks include the Tabletop, Superman Seatgrab, Barspin, Tailwhip and Tuck No Hander. Unfortunately to make room for these we had to say goodbye to the Candybar, we've built a memorial for it in Mt. Palumbo.
30+ New customization items to unlock in career mode.

- Lots of sound effects added to BikeOut obstacles.
- Ambient sound added to all bike parks.
- Bowl Cam added to camera perspectives. Gives a better overview while playing in bowls and bike parks.
- Game client upgraded from x86 to x64. This should reduce the memory related crashes some people are experiencing.

If you want to keep up to date with known issues and our current plans, join our Discord.

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