Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans leaves Early Access

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It began as a Kickstarter campaign, and now it officially left the Early Access: the beat-em-up with the popular characters Bud Spencer & Terence Hill called Slaps And Beans is now available with a time-limited discount as full version for Linux on Steam!

20. April - Trinity Team

Today, ‘Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans’ comes out to slap from the Early Access!

We particularly want to thank all the fans all over the world who have helped us to improve the game in these months, and we invite them to play it again: they will find new minigames, improved graphics and combat system, new areas to explore, new enemies, more than 30 achievements, Steam Cards and much more! We have also translated the game in plenty new languages, including Chinese and Russian (and Japanese is coming!)

Full Release does not mean that we will abandon the game: we will continue to support it with new updates and content as we have always done, so it's a simple change of label that the game now deserves thanks to everyone's passion.

So, thanks to you all and enjoy the full release of Slaps and Beans!

The first OFFICIAL Bud Spencer and Terence Hill videogame!

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in their first virtual adventure. A brand new story! Whether in the Western Saloon, Miami Downtown, at the fairground etc... you'll get the full load of funny conversation, slaps and of course lots of mass brawls.

Slaps And Beans is a co-operative or single player scrolling beat’em up game with the addition of platform elements and mini-games in which you'll interpret the characters of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

The key ingredients of Slaps and Beans are:
Retro pixel art graphics
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill style fighting system
Co-op multiplayer
A red Dune Buggy with a yellow tarp
A lot of slaps and a lot of beans (obviously)

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