ATOM RPG: Update 1.185 released

ATOM RPG: Update 1.185 Header

The Update 1.185 for ATOM RPG has been released for Linux on Steam.

Polish Update and other Improvements

Greetings, friends!

Today we're updating ATOM RPG with a fair quantity of new fixes and optimizations, as well as the highly awaited, fully reworked Polish localization many of you were expecting for a long time now.

Please, enjoy! And should there be any feedback about the new translation, please feel free to message us at or use the Steam forums.

Best wishes, Atom Team

Change log:

- Added reworked Polish language localization;
- Fixed various minor typos and errors in the game texts;
- Optimized game to perform better on low-end hardware;
- Fixed several minor community-reported bugs.
- The game resources were repacked to speed up loading time on older HDD.