American Truck Simulator: DLC "Texas" released

American Truck Simulator: DLC "Texas" Header
American Truck Simulator: DLC "Texas" Map
American Truck Simulator: DLC "Texas" Screenshot

A new (paid) DLC for the American Truck Simulator called "Texas" is now available for Linux on Steam.

Howdy, partners! Hope y'all will like your visit to the Lone Star State, Texas. This place ain't full of cowboys anymore but the spirit lives on, especially in ranches you can find all 'round. We also got a lot of cattle and other livestock so your truckin' adventures will be lively.

Texas has a lot to offer, as our biggest map DLC for American Truck Simulator, it'll take you a while to see it all. In fact, we recommend you take your time to explore the lone star state which features:

Discover 29 explorable cities including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso & Galveston.
Enjoy trucking through 50 scenic towns (settlements)
Drive across 20,000 miles of the states road network
Deliver to over 200 realistic industry depots including industries unique to Texas state (Offshore Shipyard, Cotton Ginning Plant, Glass Plant & Space Industries)
Visit and see famous Landmarks including Starbay, El Capitan, Route 66, USS Lexington, Corpus Christi bridge, and the Salt Flats.
Fuel up & rest in 60 unique truck stops and 30 dedicated rest areas

Get your lasso ready and embark on your Texas-sized adventure. This probably ain’t your first rodeo, right, partner?