Revhead: Update 33 released

Revhead Header
Revhead Update 33 Header

The Update 33 for the racing simulation Revhead has now been released for Linux on Steam.

Update 33 Treasure Hunting

Date: 28-05-2021
Version: 1.4.7985

Dear Revheads!

We wanted to provide something special to you with a new update aligned to the currently running Open World Sale!

Therefor we picked one feature that many of you were asking for: Treasure Hunting!

Beyond a Steel Sky: huge patch #6 released, Linux version now Vulkan-only

Beyond a Steel Sky Header
Beyond a Steel Sky Screenshot

The huge patch #6 for the Adventure Beyond a Steel Sky has now been released for Linux on Steam.

PATCH #6: Moving to the latest Unreal Engine - 40% OFF for the next 24 hours!

Before we get started on the Patch & Update notes, we wanted to remind you that it's now less than 24h that you get to grab Beyond A Steel Sky for -40% on Steam

Civilization VI: April 2021 Update released for Linux

Civilization VI: April 2021 Update Header

For Civilization VI the final huge update (April 2021) has been released for Linux:

We’re excited to announce the April 2021 Game Update is now available to all Civilization VI players.

In this final free update of the season comes new units, new maps, and several balance adjustments and gameplay fixes based on player feedback. Read on for the full list of what’s available in today’s free game update.



New Units

Parkitect: experimental cross-platform-multiplayer released

Parkitect: Multiplayer Header

An experimental cross-plattform-multiplayer for the theme-park-management-game Parkitect adds the possibility, to play the multiplayer with other platforms than Linux:

Experimental cross-platform multiplayer available

An experimental update for cross-platform multiplayer is now available for testing.
This allows all players to play together, no matter if you're using Windows, macOS or Linux.

Tropico 6: Update (v.13) "Esparcidor de Estiércol" released

Tropico 6 Header

Another huge update (v.13) called "Esparcidor de Estiércol" for Tropico 6 has been released for Linux on Steam:

Update (v.13) 'Esparcidor de Estiércol'

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 has just received Update 13 – Esparcidor de Estiércol. This update introduces the new ‘Flophouse’ building - providing, well... a roof (at least) for the poor - and the ‘Manure Spreader’, which should help put all that llama poo to good use.