OpenRA: Release 20180307 available

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OpenRA, the free implementation of RTS classic games C&C (Tiberian Dawn), C&C: Red Alert, and Dune 2000 has published another full release.

It contains mainly bugfixes für the release-20180218:

We are today pushing a new bugfix release that addresses a collection of issues that were missed during the playtesting phase of release-20180218.

OpenRA: Playtest 20170930 released

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Just a few days after the release of the last Playtest, a new Playtest (20170930) of OpenRA is available for download.

It contains some Bugfixes and -according to the developers- should be identical with the planned October release:

Thanks to everybody who reported issues with playtest-20170923 last week, today we are releasing another playtest with several more fixes. Playtest 20170930 includes:

OpenRA: Playtest 20170923 available

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A new Playtest 20170923 for OpenRA is now ready for download.

According to the developers, this should be the last playtest before the next release:

With two months and two playtests behind us, we are now almost ready to push the next OpenRA release!

We are today releasing one last (planned) playtest with two notable changes: