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Von OpenRA, der Open-Source-Implementierung der Spiele Command & Conquer, Red Alert und Dune 2000, steht nun die neue Version Playtest 20180729 zum Download bereit.

Mit dieser Version werden die Linux-Downloads nur noch als AppImages bereit gestellt.

Die wichtigsten Neuerungen in dieser Version:

The leading feature in playtest-20180729 is the integration of player accounts using our new OpenRA Forums. This optional feature allows players to:

Confirm their identity to other players without revealing your IP address or location
Connect to private clan- or tournament-specific servers without using passwords
Add some flair by displaying badges that show their achievements or preferences

Anonymous players continue to be identified by their IP and geo-location.

Player Profiles

Players can add badges to their profile to show their favourite mod, OS, or community achievements.

A selection of default badges are available for selection in your forum User Control Panel, and we will individually award badges to players who have contributed to OpenRA’s development or participated in special community events. We hope to extend the profile system in the future to add more features and improve security.

Other improvements to the lobby UI include an improved color chooser, the ability to select in text-fields using the mouse, and the game returning to the skirmish/mission/multiplayer panels instead of the main menu after leaving a game.

Changes on the battlefield in Red Alert include:

Fixed Iron Curtain and Chronoshift effects being lost when a MCV deploys
Added the ability for fake structures to be built next to other fake structures
Kill Bounties have been removed from the campaign and disabled by default in MP
Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield when their owner is defeated
A collection of community balance changes

Kane has also been busy, with changes in Tiberium Dawn including:

Comprehensive changes to reduce the effectiveness of APCs
Changes to streamline the power usage of low-tech structures
Reduced the amount of time that Jeep, Bike, Buggy, APC wreckage lingers on the battlefield
Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield when their owner is defeated
A collection of other community balance changes


Chronoshifting MCVs opens strategic options, but beware the chrono-vortex if you cause a paradox!

Significant work has occurred behind the scenes to fix crashes, improve performance, and extend capabilities for our modding community. Our recent news post discussed these topics in much more detail. We encourage modders to view the SDK release notes and update instructions for instructions on how to take advantage of these improvements.

This playtest also marks the shift to AppImage releases for our Linux builds. We have also repackaged the last release version as an AppImage, and will update this alongside future playtests if any packaging bugs are found.

As always, we suggest you read the full changelog for details on all of the changes included in the playtest. We make these playtests available to get feedback from the community about the future direction of OpenRA, and we value your feedback on our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below.

Playtest releases do not overwrite the OpenRA release version, and you can automatically switch between the two versions when joining a multiplayer server. Head over to our download page and give it a try!

Das vollständige Changelog zu dieser Version befindet sich hier.

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