Victor Vran: umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht

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Zu dem Action-RPG Victor Vran wurde heute ein umfangreiches Update (2.9 GB) als Vorbereitung auf die zwei kommenden DLCs Motörhead Through the Ages und Fractured Wrods veröffentlicht.

Zeitgleich wurde bekannt gegeben, dass Doug Cockle wieder als Sprecher von Victor Vran sowohl in der Overkill Edition (erscheint am 06. Juni 2017) als auch in den neuen DLCs mit von der Partie ist.

Die Liste der Änderungen und Verbesserungen des Updates ist lang - sehr lang:

Greetings Hunters,

Today we are preparing Victor Vran for the release of the two upcoming DLCs: Motörhead Through the Ages and Fractured Wrods.
The patch contains numerous fixes - the list is long, grab a Zagoravian ale, and enjoy:

Circus Arena & Bottomless Pit: Changes to the Ranking UI screen when in Local-Coop
Proper change of host when the host of a MP game leaves (new players joining the game can't become a host and kick others)
Pumpkin Hammer now correctly shares a cooldown with other equipped hammers (weapons from the same type share attack cooldowns)
Transmutation: display "Highest rarity reached." for card recipes that can not create a card with higher rarity
Transmutation: hopefully fixed disappearance or duplication of items
Transmutation: items are now properly returned from the transmutation to the inventory (it was confusing and seemed like items disappear when replaced/switched)
Transmutation: the Bear property cannot be upgraded and now it is represented correctly in the UI
Transmutation: demon power durations are now working correctly
Transmutation: added new minimap icon for the transmutation station/panel
Transmutation: Master Crafter achievement no longer requires a max level character and weapon
Vail the Immortal's body is now despawned after killing him in MP
Disabled totems' ability to become tyrants
Added a new text in the Controller Layout for the emotes button
Camera Sensitivity is now renamed to Mouse Sensitivity
Local coop switches the player offline (no chat, no game)
Fixed missing boss fight movie for Wa-Lee
Fixed not being able to move out of the dancing AoE circle when using Mouse Move
Fixed a MP exploit where Lord Gabriel doesn't update his target if a player leaves the map
Fixed Inventory UI damage number spill
Fixed not being able to claim bounty/treasure codes from the Main Menu > Online screen
Fixed bounty/treasure codes colour when typed by hand
Fixed losing control of the camera while opening Gift Boxes
Fixed black screen if you die when the World Map is open in the Hub
Fixed armoured value not being shown for armoured monsters
Fixed item rollovers in Inventory UI spilling out of the screen
Fixed multiple Multiplayer desyncs
Fixed Bottomless Pit not resetting when both players die in multiplayer
Fixed a quest bug after the Apocalypse fight (not being able to "Talk to Tzar Borimir" if you restart the game)
Fixed banter not playing immediately after going to the Hub from Heart of Frost (was playing only if you come from the game Main Menu)
Fixed misplaced weapon particles on weapon draw from the back of the hero
Fixed Legendary Dye not being visible on the character
Fixed desaturation of ingame videos
Fixed wrong texts in localizations
Fixed several crashes
Removed some leaked DLC texts from the base game Codex
Inventory UI updates all character stats and info in real time now (also the action bar)
Made AoE particle of Weak Essence of Frost with more visible edges
Added support for Asian characters in more UIs
Added support for Alienware AlienFX
Dynamic Resolution tweaks
Linux: Fixed performance regression with newer NVIDIA drivers
Steam: Added Voice Chat Volume slider in Sound Options
Minor Menus/UIs sound tweaks and fixes
Minor text fixes
Multiple other minor fixes
Various minor Level Design fixes
Fixed Z-fighting / flickering from objects in multiple areas of the game
Fixed some enemies or players getting stuck in terrain passability holes or objects / collisions and impassable terrain
Added collisions to objects
Other minor passability fixes

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