Euro Truck Simulator 2: kostenloser DLC Truck "DAF XD" veröffentlicht

Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC Truck "DAF XD" Header
Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC Truck "DAF XD" Screenshot

Für den Euro Truck Simulator 2 ist ab sofort ein neuer kostenloser DLC für Linux auf Steam erhältlich: der Truck "DAF XD".

The DAF XD truck represents a new generation of distribution and vocational vehicles. From its aerodynamic features enhancing fuel efficiency to the advanced safety systems ensuring a secure journey, it is the ideal choice for your next regional delivery on the road.

It features a compact yet comfortable and spacious cab, with great visibility thanks to features such as the Kerb view window, the DAF Vision System, low belt lines, and a large windscreen. The DAF XD also has an optional foldable cinema seat and the very first-day cab back window in ETS2!

Ready to get trucking? The DAF XD arrives in-game with a select choice of configurations and customizations. Which includes:

3 Cabin Options: Daycab, Sleeper, Sleeper High.
3 Day Cab Chassis options: FT (4x2), FTN (6x2), FTT (6x4).
5 Sleeper Chassis options: FT (4x2), FTG (6x2), FTS (6x2), FTN (6x2), FTT (6x4).
5 Engine options ranging from 299 to 449hp.
4 transmissions options with 12 speeds

You can also find a range of interior and exterior customizations available for the DAF XD too. This includes:

3 Interior Trims (Hexagon, Argenta, Natura)
Optional foldable cinema seats
"International Truck of the Year 2023" badges
A variety of Roof Deflectors for various trailer heights
Customization points you can use to personalize your interior.