State of Mind: Update behebt Probleme mit Steam-Controller unter Linux

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Der Patch 1.20 zu dem SciFi-Adventure State of Mind behebt Probleme mit dem Steam-Controller unter Linux und bringt viele weitere Verbesserungen:

State of Mind Patch 1.20 available now!

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Our development team prepared a patch for State of Mind, fixing a couple of issues that were found and reported over the past weeks.

To assure the best gameplay experience, we highly recommend installing this patch.

Patch Notes
Dialogue Logic

Fixed some logical issues in dialogues

Dialogue Camera

Fixed several small issues with dynamic dialogue cameras


Corrected wrong ticker texts
Corrected several inconsistent dates
Added a few missing texts in the French localisation.
Fixed several orthographical errors in English and German localisation


Fixed wrong state of Richard's loft being loaded, if you come back from the strip club, after having retrieved all data from Simon's module
Added an emergency reload script for players who use broken savegames (concerning the "return from strip club" issue above)
Fixed an AI navigation issues leading to the Doomsday surveillance drones occasionally getting stuck
Fixed an dialog staging issue where Adam was wrongly being able to walk around after the CloudCall with Richard
Corrected conditions for some holo pin board hints
Fixed a hotspot/dialogue issue with Steve at The Voice
Reduced the durations of fetching cryo containers inside the Skywhale
Fixed a sound issue of the cleaner bot in the Queens Loft
Added missing credits entry


Fixed Phil's head peeking out of the floor in the backstage area in “Doomsday”
Fixed an staging issue with Simon at the piano during his last memento flashback


Fixed minor collision issues in Adams Loft
Fixed collision of door terminal at Artificial Human Lab exit
Fixed a collider issue with the Doomsday surveillance drone obstructing Lou's hotspot


We increased each character's turn rates a little
Fixed an issue where holding the “Sprint” button before walking forward makes the character run on the spot


Fixed multiple crashes when leaving minigames (e.g. Clinics Spymission)
Fixed crash in memento puzzle


Fixed invisible car in “The Dome” when Adam decides to accept Utopia


Fixed problems with the game window resolutions
Fixed that the game doesn't start on the primary monitor
[Windows] Fixed potential crash when dis-/connecting an audio device
[Linux] Fixed that some keys are not handled correctly
[Linux] Fixed that SteamController isn't setup correctly for different in-game contexts

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