Revhead: Update 35 veröffentlicht

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Revhead Update 35 Header

Das Update 35 zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update #35 Summer Update
Summer time is clear blue sky!

Date: 02-07-2022
Version: 1.5.8454

Dear Revheads

It's summer time, summer sale and guess what? Summer Sky!

We have a significant update regarding our graphics using a better environment setup, including sky, clouds, stars and lights in general.
We are planning to add more features in this direction as well, since we will be able to support rain, thunders, etc, but as always we are going step by step.

We have also updated our game engine, which affects physics, controls and performances.

Even better, during the Summer Sales, you can get the game for 33% discount!

Game Engine Update
Game Controller modul update
Graphical update using better environment, sky and lightings
Fixed Restoration bug, which prevented some car to be able to fix
Fixed spark bug, which could cause to accelerate a car without running engine
Fixed Buthanbang large instrument positioning
Fixed Kanji cabrio roof air scoop bug
Fixed a bug in game save, which could lead to broken save file
Fixed few NPC cars to prevent them from rolling over
Several smaller bugfixes