Lutris 0.5.4 mit Nvidia Prime off-load veröffentlicht

Lutris Client Screen

Die neue Version 0.5.4 von Lutris wurde veröffentlicht.

Wieder gibt es viele neue Features und Verbesserungen:

lutris (0.5.4) eoan; urgency=medium

* Added support for Python 3.8.
* Added config validation.
* Added support for Nvidia PRIME off-load.
* Added a popup after a successful game import.
* Added alacritty as a terminal option.
* Newly installed games that don't specify wine version will now default to the version used during installation.
* Provide a fallback for when Lutris can't create a working directory.
* Update libretro runners list.
* Removed runners that have no binary builds.
* Esync can now be enabled for Wine Staging >= 4.6.
* Default scaling option for Mednafen is now nn4x.
* steamwebhelper.exe is no longer disabled to avoid issues with the new Steam UI.
* Ignore special symbols when generating identifiers for games.
* Wine processes are now killed if installation is cancelled.
* Fixed installation issues for users whose username begin with "x".
* Fixed a bug with side panels hidden by default on first start.
* Fixed an issue that would not allow user to unselect a game in right panel by clicking on an empty space in the library if that game was no longer installed.
* Fixed an issue that allowed user to change the configuration of a game that was already removed.
* Fixed an issue that made games imported from native Steam to appear as uninstalled.
* Fixed a bug that opened Wine Console instead of Wine Registry.
* Fixed warnings that occurred when Gamemode was enabled.
* Fixed various locale issues.
* Fixed a bug preventing Lutris to find Gallium Nine libraries.
* Fixed issues with positioning of the Lutris window.
* Fixed game panel updates on game quit.
* Fixed game loading error in cases when libstrangle is missing but was previously enabled.
* Fixed a bug that made Lutris download Linux version of a GOG game even when the runner was set to Wine.
* Fixed installation of the local install scripts.
* Fixed installation issues for wine installers that don't have a "files" section.
* Further fixed issues with wine sandboxing on non-english systems.

-- Mathieu Comandon Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:51:16 -0800

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