Ludusavi: v0.24.2 veröffentlicht

Ludusavi Screenshot

Ludusavi, das Tool um Backups von Speicherständen von Spielen anzufertigen, ist in der Version v0.24.2 veröffentlicht worden.

v0.24.2 (2024-06-28) Latest

When multi-backup was enabled and Ludusavi backed up a game for the first time, it would first insert an empty backup in that game's mapping.yaml and then insert the real backup after. This behavior was meant for updating old backups from before multi-backup was added, but it was mistakenly being applied to brand new backups as well.

Ludusavi will automatically detect and fix this. If the empty backup has a differential backup associated, then the oldest differential backup will replace the empty full backup. Otherwise, Ludusavi will remove the entry for the empty backup.

If you use Ludusavi's cloud sync feature, please run a preview in restore mode, which will automatically fix any of these incorrect initial backups, and then perform a full cloud upload on the "other" screen.

For Lutris roots, after reading pga.db, Ludusavi did not properly combine that data with the data from the games/*.yml files. (Verified by nihaals)

Ludusavi assumed that a Lutris root would contain both games/ and pga.db together. That's true for new installations of Lutris, but older/existing installations would store them separately (e.g., ~/.config/lutris/games and ~/.local/share/lutris/pga.db). To fix this, you can now specify a different pga.db path explicitly. In some cases, Ludusavi can prompt you to update the root automatically.

CLI: The find command's --steam-id and --gog-id options only considered primary IDs from the manifest. They will now also consider secondary IDs (e.g., for DLC or different editions).

Updated translations. (Thanks to contributors on the Crowdin project)