Heliborne: Update 0.92 "The Transport Renaissance" veröffentlicht

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Heliborne Update 0.92 "The Transport Renaissance" Header

Das neue Update 0.92 "The Transport Renaissance" zu dem Helikopter-Flug-Action-Spiel Heliborne ermöglicht es nun erstmals, mit Transport-Helikoptern auch Fracht aufzunehmen.

Weiterhin werden Achievements eingeführt und das Spiel um einen Online Single-player Modus erweitert:

Greetings, Pilots!

We've issued an update which will definitely make your day. And there are several reasons.

First, it's a special day for transport helicopters — they are finally able to do sling loading! We've added two initial types of cargo — ammo crates and repair kit. Expect more in upcoming updates.

Second, we've finally introduced Steam Achievements. There are 50 of them at the moment. More are coming. Start earning them, you'll need them soon!

Third, you may now choose a size of a room, from 3x3 to 8x8 (depending on a map).

Also, good news for owners of Logitech controllers: we've recently introduced native support for Logitech 3D Pro, X52 HOTAS, X52 Pro HOTAS, and X56 HOTAS.

Full patch notes:

Sling Loading. The first two cargo types — ammo and repair kit crates. Transport helicopters can pick them up at bases and move anywhere on a map to create a reload/repair point for other helicopters.
Steam Achievements. The first 50 achievements have been added. More will be added in future.
Automatic Pre-Battle Slot Reservation System has been introduced. This will prevent simultaneous connection of several players for the same side and thus will help balance battles.
Correlation between vehicle armour and explosion damage has been updated. Medium and heavy armoured vehicles now receive less damage from fragments. It also depends on an armour of an affected part of a vehicle.
Online Single-player Mode. Those who want to play solo and earn progression points may now play this new game mode instead of password protected multiplayer battle. However, we recommend to play Heliborne with other players — this is what it has been designed for.
Flight model has been updated. Now high speed during dipping down may be achieved only together with Collective Increase (Space button). Altitude gaining rules have been updated as well.
Repair time and experience bonuses for outnumbered teams (1+ players) have been added to PvP modes.
Room size settings have been added to PvP: a host can limit number of players for a battle.
The last used camouflage (including Hangar) will be remembered and automatically applied when you add a helicopter to a squad.
AA sight on a one Mi-28N modification has been fixed.
Mortars info has been added to the after-battle report.
Net code fixes.
Hidden fixes for the next upcoming updates.
Native support for the following Logitech controllers has been introduced: 3D Pro, X52 HOTAS, X52 Pro HOTAS, and X56 HOTAS.

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