Hand of Fate 2: Patch 1.6.0 mit überholtem Kampfsystem veröffentlicht

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Der Patch 1.6.0 zu dem Action-RPG-Spiel Hand of Fate 2 verändert das Kampfsystem und ändert einiges am Balancing:

We're proud to release our latest update to the game, 1.6.0, which brings a whole suite of changes to combat. Batter your foes, unleash the power of your artefacts and enjoy enhanced manoeuvrability with Hand of Fate 2: Combat Reforged!

Bash Abilities

All armours now have Bash abilities
Bash abilities charge based on number of Defends
While uncharged, Bash causes a brief stun and scales the duration based on the amount of charge
Charge resets when a bash is used
Improved responsiveness of 'bash'
5x existing armour cards now have new tokens to unlock to upgrade them
3x existing shield cards now have new tokens to unlock to upgrade them
Number of Defends to charge bash degrade in combat, similarly to weapon ability charge

Bash Types

Stun Bash: Cause Stun to a single target
Stun Blast: Causes Stun to an area
Knockdown Bash: Causes Knockdown to a single target
Confuse Bash: Causes Confuse, enemies will fight on the player side for a short time
Bleed Bash: Causes damage over time, and slows the enemy attacks and movement
Freeze Bash: Causes Freeze to a single target


Cooldowns on all artefacts have been greatly reduced
Improved the responsiveness of other actions after using an artefact.

Horn Artefacts

Horns no longer lose their charge, instead they have a set number of uses per combat
There is a warm-up after the combat begins until the item can be used
Some items have been slightly rebalanced to accommodate these changes
Cry of Victory (horn): 1 once per combat
Heroes Call (horn): 3 uses per combat
Will of the Emperor (horn): 3 uses per combat
Will of the Northerner (changed from potion to horn): 3 uses per combat

Apprentice Mode

Option to enable/disable in the settings menu
While active, scores are not uploaded for Endless Adventures.
Auto Finishers: Attacking in the direction of an enemy in Knockdown automatically performs the finisher.
Auto Riposte: Successfully defending with Light or One-Handed Weapons automatically ripostes.
Weapon Charge: Weapon charge does not reset when hit in combat
Increased Damage: Weapons deal increased damage in combat

General Combat

Optional enemy health bars - availble in the settings menu (recommended!)
Green and Red attack window consistency
Light (green) attacks can now be evaded
Player no longer gets stuck when evading into other characters
Evade occurs in the direction pressed
Improved evade distance consistency
Weapon Ability Charge - the number of hits required to perform weapon abilities has been reduced on some equipment allowing those abilities to be used more frequently
Reduced 'stickiness' after defending/riposting - only the riposte autotargets the defender, subsequent attacks can be redirected bashed on input direction
Increased chance of hits causing Knockdown to low health enemies
Dual Wielded ripostes will cause a short stun if the enemy attempt to counter-attack (see Enemy Rebalance)
Increased responsiveness of followup actions after using an artefact

Equipment and Blessing Rebalance

Faction Riposte bonuses deal more damage: from 125 to 150%
Faction Bane bonuses deal more damage: from 125 to 135% (Holy is 150%)
The following items and blessings no longer trigger from the Campfire encounter:
Armour of Gluttony
Brigand's Shield
Morton's Magic Door
Plentiful Harvest

Wind's Return (light weapons)
- Weapon Ability: New targeting system for weapon ability
Harvest Blade (heavy weapon)
- Reaping Strike: Ability bonus excludes Corrupted and/or Undead
- Food Bounty: Bonus excludes finishers against Corrupted.
The Peeler (heavy weapon)
- Platinum: This weapon is now Platinum.
Last Hope (one-handed weapon)
- Cursed Strike: Fixed a bug where the ability was adding +5 Damage per curse instead of +10
- Brimsone: This weapon is now Brimstone.
Armour of Gluttony (armour)
- Food Defence: Defence bonus is now a % increase of current defence value, rather than adding a fixed value, i.e. +30% Defence, not +3, when Defence is 10
- Gain Food: Gain +2 food after any encounter where you draw a gain card. Excludes the Campfire encounter.
Platinum Armour (armour)
- Resist Damage: Reduces damage by 10% regardless of defence value.
- Defence: Defence has been reduced from 30 to 22
The Lord's Diadem (helm):
- Slow Swing: Fixed a large number of instances where the precision gambit would not swing slower when this item was equipped
Chefs Charm (ring)
- Healthy Eating: Life received is reduced from double to +50% (rounded up)
Bullseye (ring)
- Wide Beam: Increases the size of the precision gambit beam even further, same rules apply for multiple zones (see Precision Gambit above)
Mother's Blessing (blessing)
- Blessed: Only gain a blessing if you have more curses than blessings.

Enemy Rebalance

Thieves Counter-Attacks
- Thieves now have a chance to attack immediately after their initial attack is defended
- Riposting the initial attack with a Light Weapon causes stun to the Counter-Attacking enemy, and charges Bash by +1
- The following thieves have been updated: Thug, Silencer, and Assassin
- Wraith's now have a warm-up phase before they start casting their drain attack
- During this period the Wraith can be interrupted to prevent the spell being cast
- The Wraith has an offscreen indicator during this warm-up phase
- Mage's have a warm-up phase before they start casting their magic pool attacks
- During this period the Mage can be interrupted to prevent the spell being cast
- The Mage's has an offscreen indicator during this warm-up phase
- The timing window to the first hit of the Retaliate Attack has been increased
- The following Northerners have been updated: Warrior, Berserker, and Tyrant


Goblin Clips have been removed as Endless Adventure bosses
Goblin Chiefs have been added as an Endless Adventure boss
Escape duration for Clips in the Endless boss fight have been increased


- Attack Damage: Ariadne causes more damage in combat
- Armour Breaker: Increased armour damage on this ability
- Melee Tank: Ariadne causes more general damage to armour when she attacks
- Gauntlet: Platinum card now has even more health
- Fire: Platinum card now deals more damage to Northerners
- Combo Attack: Estrella reliably causes Knockdown on the final hit of her combo attack
- Blunderbuss: Estrella's firearm now causes more damage when her card is Platinum
- Ranged Magic: Spells now ignore defence as intended
- Overcharged: Increased the damage of the shield AoE

Hand of Fate 2 ist auf GOG und Steam für Linux erhältlich.

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