Dungeons 3: Update auf Version 1.4 bringt Sandbox-Modus und Multiplayer-Deathmatch

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Das Update auf die Version 1.4 von Dungeons 3 bringt dem Spiel viele von der Community gewünschte neue Features wie z. B. den Multiplayer-Deathmatch, einen Sandbox-Modus und vieles mehr!

Das vollständige Changelog:

Major Changes (incl. many evil multiplayerchanges!)

Multiplayer deathmatch available.
Enter enemy dungeons and destroy their dungeon hearts.
New skirmish map "Sandbox".
Create the dungeon of your dreams!
New game mode "Sandbox".
Spawn enemy heroes yourself!
Quickslotbar added.
You can now set troops, spells, traps, rooms, etc. for quick reusability
Multiplayer teams. Play 2vs2 or 3vs1?
New "Show duel during play" option in multiplayer menu. Notfies you, when
someone is ready for a duel while playing the game normally!
Multiplayer game announcements. Also coop game announcements!
F3 now picks all idle creatures, F4 picks a random snot
Your snots now fetch boni and potions to your treasuries
New option for no camera movement over world map
Performance improvements

Balancing and campaign improvements

Rebalanced Gob-O-Bot (less damage)
Rebalanced Vampire (More life, improved life stealing)
Rebalanced Pit Fiend (Reduced Skill cooldown, Skill now dows piercing damage)
Cannon towers now do proper area damage!
Minor fixes for map "Prince of Hell"
Minor fixes for map "The Titan of Alphaas"
Minor fixes for map "Two Sides of a Medal"
Minor fixes for map "The Crossing"
Minor fixes for map "The End of Yaina Overproud"
Minor fixes for map "The Shadow of Absolute Evil"
Fixes in map "Everything has and end..."
Fixed Shadow getting stuck in a small area of map "The Shadow of the
Absolute Evil"
No more spiders in tutorial mission "Dungeons for Advanced Students"

General fixes

Improved subtitle visibility during boss fights
Improved tooltip visibility
Improved tile selection when moving over the GUI
Improved stairs placement in generated maps
Auto-size for research titles
Improved tutorial marker visualisation
Showing an animated image while waiting for a duel
Improved mini map icon sorting
Campaign reset now resets the world map properly
Hide tooltips in cutscenes
Improved guard room details
Mana bombs no longer trigger on defeated heroes
Mission goals now stay the same after loading a saved game
Show tooltip for creatures that have picked up a bonus
Better pathfinding for snots in the prison chamber
Dungeon critters can now be marked with a slap
Added option to force keyboard/mouse into options menu
Better pillar placement in temple
Heroes now drop of their "used" torture device when they die
Different colors for Hands of Terror in Coop
Fixed minor picking issues with Hand of Terror and resources
Fixed minor pathfinding issues
Hovering over faction icons now works correctly
Fixed chain lighting visualisation
Almanach Image update
Icon Improvements
Thalya now reacts to the Guard Room signal
Fixed some crashes
Fixed a memory leak
Heroes no longer think that they can use the player's portal spell

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