Darkest Dungeon & The Crimson Court: Build #20547 veröffentlicht

Darkest Dungeon Header

Zu Darkest Dungeon wurde heute der Build #20547 auf Steam für Linux veröffentlicht.

Dieser enthält folgende Bugfixes und Verbesserungen:

Darkest Dungeon
Fix to crash when you are in an activity that is no longer valid and leave a dungeon.
Fix to missing actor fx crash.
Fix to hunger and trinket loot death bug
Fix to losing turns when quitting out of battle
Fix to drag torch infinite use exploit
Remove actor dots on retreat.
Fix to inability to use an item during the loot window of a curio bug.
Fix to corvids curiosity quirk description in sanitarium.
Fix to visuals on shuffle skills
Fix the alerts not showing up.
Fix to Vvulf soft lock.
When using controller put all the quests on one line if there is more then the number of quests per row.
Fix to being able to use gold and heirlooms on curios.
Update buffs after resetting hp after a raid.
Save and restore consecutive stun counts.
Fixed to monster stun resist incrimination when you retreat from battle.
Restore stun visuals when restoring a save with a stunned monster in it.
Fix to stunning already stunned monsters incrementing the stun counter.
Fix to first turn of battle being lost by quitting.
Fix to crash when buff is no longer valid.
Fix to battle turn order saving bug.
Fix to saving of hero turns at the start of non first round.
Fix to blocking camping eating when you have no food consumption.
Fix double heal during hunger event.
Fix torch tooltip title string.
Fixed invalid dungeon crash when loading quests.
Only living monsters can capture heroes, applies to riposte kills on hag, fanatic against capture skills.
Fix to final boss transforming brain bug.

The Crimson Court
Fix to baron crash when summoning / switching when full.
Fix to courtesan shuffle party effect so it happens after the timescript and only once.
Fix to curtain being obvious bug in baron fight.
Countess fixes
Viscount balance pass
Fixed memory leak in spine skeleton.