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Die neue Version 2017.12.12 von AppGameKit (auch bekannt als AGK2) bringt erneut neue Features und Verbesserungen mit sich.

Erwähnenswert ist diesmal insbesondere die Erweiterungen der Physik-Simulation Box2D und Zugriff auf die Text-to-Speech-Funktionen für mobile Geräte innerhalb der Engine.

Zudem wurde ein Set mit kostenfreien Weihnachts-Grafiken veröffentlicht.

Das Changelog zur aktuellen Version:

What's new in Version 2017.12.12?

Box 2D

Updated Box2D to version 2.3.2, but without the auto convex hull code, polygon vertices must still be convex
Multiple 2D collision shapes can now be assigned to an object without it being set up for physics
Shape properties like friction, restitution, and collision filters can now be modified on a per shape basis instead of one value for all shapes
The SetSpriteShape commands can now change previously added shapes on a per shape basis
Added GetSpriteNumShapes command to return the number of shapes currently assigned to a sprite
Added GetSpriteShapeNumVertices command to return the number of vertices in a polygon shape
Added GetSpriteShapeVertexX/Y commands to return the X/Y coordinates of a polygon vertex
Added SetSpritePhysicsDensity to set the density of a shape
Added SetJointMouseMaxForce command to limit the amount of force the mouse joint can use
Added SetJointDamping command to set the softness parameters for distance, line/wheel, weld, and mouse joints
Added CreateRopeJoint to limit the max distance between two sprites
Added GetSpritePhysicsCOMX/Y to get the current center of mass for the physics shape
Added SetSpriteShapeChain and AddSpriteShapeChain to create 2D chain shapes, these are the most suitable shape for 2D terrain
Added ChainShape example to the Physics folder to demonstrate a simple 2D terrain

Text To Speech

Added TextToSpeech commands for iOS and Android
Added TextToSpeech example project to the Sounds folder


Added commands to communicate with an Apple smart watch, the smart watch app must be created outside of AGK


Added GetSpriteTransparency to return the current transparency mode of a sprite
Added SetObjectBlendModes to set the transparency blend modes manually, also added SetObjectTransparency mode 3 to use these manual values

Skeletons & Tweening

Added new commands to pause and resume tweens
Fixed SetSkelton2DFlip causing an incorrect animation if the root bone has a positional offset


Added DeleteShader command and GetShaderExists commands
The GetTweenPlaying commands will now return 1 if the tween is currently playing as part of a tween chain


Fixed shadows disappearing or causing a crash on Android when the app goes to the background
Fixed shadow artifacts on some Android devices when the scene has large polygons
Fixed animated objects causing incorrect shadows if an object with more bones was loaded after an object with less bones

Screen Recording

Increased audio quality on Android when using StartScreenRecording


Improved the speed of to JSON for both arrays and types when using large data structures


Fixed XInput1_3.dll missing error when running the 64-bit version of the player on Windows 8 or above
Fixed GetDeivceID on Windows returning different values on the same machine in some cases

Edit Boxes

Tapping outside an editbox to stop editing will now record a touch press with the GetPointer commands
Fixed editbox text shifting slightly after using SetEditBoxText and then editing the text
Fixed arrow keys adding characters to editboxes on Mac
Fixed SetEditBoxCursorPosition not working on iOS until the editbox regains focus
Fixed GetEditBoxLines not counting a new line unless a character existed on it, the line will now be counted as soon as the return key is pressed


Added GetNetworkExists command
Fixed calling CloseNetwork whilst a connection was still in progress causing the app to freeze


Array .sort() now accepts an optional parameter to ignore case when sorting strings, e.g. sort(1) to ignore case


Fixed SetWindowAllowResize being called after SetWindowSize on Linux causing the window to revert to its original size


Fixed Android apps closing when a hardware keyboard is attached or removed


Fixed GetImageChosen returning the last valid image choice when the user chooses cancel

iOS Export

Please note that the iOS export now requires XCode to be installed on your Mac due to iOS 11 changes, and the app icon must now be 1024x1024 pixels in size

Tier 2

Added VS2017 template project and AGK lib to the Tier 2 folder on Windows

We hope you enjoy the new commands and the free Christmas graphics. We'll be back in 2018 with more cool improvements to AppGameKit!

AGK2 ist eine Multi-Plattform 2D/3D Spiele-Engine und Entwicklungsumgebung für Linux, MacOS und Windows.
Programme und Spiele können in einem BASIC-ähnlichem Dialekt oder in C++ entwickelt werden und laufen danach unter Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS und HTML5.

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