AppGameKit Studio: V2021.02.09 veröffentlicht

AppGameKit Studio Header
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Die Version 2021.02.09 des (Spiele-)Entwicklungs-Tools AppGameKit Studio ist ab sofort für Linux auf Steam erhältlich.

AppGameKit Studio 2021.02.09 latest version released!

Today we have launched AppGameKit Studio version 2021.02.09. This build fixes some issues and also adds some new commands. Here's a list of the changes:

Mac M1 Support

Updated iOS projects so they will now run on M1 (ARM) Macs

AdMob Advert Commands

Fixed AdMob reward videos on Android that were sometimes rendering incorrectly
Added SetAdMobChildRating command to notify AdMob if the app is targeted at children
Added GetRewardAdValueAdMob command to get the reward amount from a reward ad

New Memblock Commands
To help with media encryption and file verification we've added these.

Added CreateImageFromPNGMemblock to convert a memblock containing a PNG file into an AppGameKit image
Added CreateSoundFromOGGMemblock to convert a memblock containing an OGG file into an AppGameKit sound
Added CreateMusicFromOGGMemblock to convert a memblock containing an OGG file into an AppGameKit music file
Added GetMemblockSHA1 to hash the contents of a memblock
Added GetMemblockSHA256 to hash the contents of a memblock
Added SetImageSubImages to change the subimages.txt file currently applied to an AppGameKit image

Text Fixes

Fixed a bug where text objects could have missing characters if using DrawText with multiple text objects using the same font and character size with Vulkan
Fixed TTF fonts rendering at lower quality if the text was place at a half pixel position

Android Review Command

Added support for the RequestAppReview command on Android (Google Play only)

We'll be releasing a similar update to AppGameKit Classic very shortly too!