AppGameKit: Roadmap für 2017 veröffentlicht

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The Game Creators haben Ihre Roadmap für 2017 für die weitere Entwicklung von AppGameKit veröffentlicht.

Die AGK-Community wurde befragt, welche Features sie sich für die nächsten Versionen wünscht, und sie wurde erhört:

AppGameKit Roadmap 2017

We’re well underway with our roadmap for AppGameKit in 2017 and have already seen the release of two new versions of AppGameKit and a new Sound Library DLC.

Following the community survey earlier this year we have now finalised our development goals and, in the coming months, the core engine of AppGameKit will receive these new features free to all existing users:

Call DLL commands for Windows: Using these commands developers can call dynamic link libraries from their AppGameKit BASIC source code. Developers of DLL’s can also interrogate AppGameKit and call its commands.
3D Shadows: Automatic 3D shadow effects will be added to the 3D engine.
3D Particles: With this addition particles can be 3D in shape and move in three dimensions.
Video Adverts: The Admob Video format will be supported within AppGameKit Tier1 BASIC.
Box 2D enhancements: The full scope of Box 2D will be possible once these extra commands are released.
Export to Windows, Mac & Linux from any platform: If you use AppGameKit’s IDE from Windows then you will be able to compile Mac and Linux executables from your chosen development OS. This also applies if you develop from Mac and Linux.
Load & Save Arrays: Extra commands to quickly save out and load in array data.

These features will roll out in regular updates during the course of the year. Stability of the main AppGameKit product remains a high priority and we will continue to resolve any reported issues as we develop these new features.

We do have more features planned, and these will be made public once the above have been successfully released, but this includes:

AppGameKit VR (Q2 2017)

This new add-on DLC will provide a range of new commands that allow developers to code their own VR demos and games. Easy to use commands will turn on the Head Mounted Display of a VR headset. Touch and button commands report back what the user is doing with the connected touch devices. It will support both the Vive and Oculus devices.

AppGameKit Studio (Q3 2017)

The new AppGameKit Studio provides a Windows styled GUI where you can visually drag & drop, scale and move 2D media for your AppGameKit projects. With emulated display modes you’ll be able to quickly see how your app looks on different device resolutions. Studio will create 2D scenes and once finished they can be exported as BASIC or C++ source code to use in your projects.

Insbesondere das das Feature, von der Linux-IDE aus direkt Windows- und Mac-Executables zu erzeugen, umgesetzt wird, freut mich persönlich - denn dies war ein Vorschlag von mir. :-)

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