American Truck Simulator: kostenloser DLC "Western Star 57X" veröffentlicht

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American Truck Simulator Western Star 57X Header
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Ein kostenloser DLC auf Steam zu dem American Truck Simulator fügt einen neuen Truck hinzu: den "Western Star 57X".

The Western Star® 57X combines the best of two worlds – taking the X-Series DNA with bold design & rugged durability, combining it with the best of Daimler Truck North America’s on-highway platform, tested over millions of miles, bringing you the most advanced and innovative Western Star highway truck. Ever!

The Western Star® 57X arrives with a select choice of configurations and customizations. This includes a day cab and a 72" sleeper cab, 3 short chassis options and 2 longer chassis options, 5 interior trim designs, exclusively Detroit® powertrain options, and so many more customizations and accessories to make your flagship truck stand out!

Now is the time for Western Star® Trucks to break new ground with your long haul.

Western Star® is a trademark of Daimler Trucks North America LLC and is used under the license of SCS Software s.r.o.