American Truck Simulator: DLC "Farm Machinery" veröffentlicht

Farm Machinery Header
Farm Machinery Screenshot

Ein neuer (Bezahl-)DLC zu dem American Truck Simulator wurde für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht: "Farm Machinery".

Saddle up drivers, because the Farm Machinery DLC for American Truck Simulator has arrived! Transport everything from trusty tractors to forage harvesters across scenic virtual highways and roads.

Featuring 2 in-game brands, Owl & Greenler, you'll be able to deliver a variety of unique cargoes on Lowboy, Dropdeck or Flatbed trailers to a number of agriculture-related industries large and small across the country.

This DLC includes:

Crawler Tractor
Forage Harvester
Fertilizer Spreader
Grain Trailer
Autonomous Tractor
Hay Baler
Seeding Unit
Disc Harrow

Naturally, we couldn't let you go driving without some themed cabin accessories for your cabin either!

Cabin Accessories

Lunch Kit
Straw Hat
Stuffed Autonomous Tractor
Harvester Toy