Tower of Time: huge update of Linux build released

Tower of Time Header
Tower of Time Screenshot Beast

The Linux-version of the RPG/Strategy-Mix Tower of Time has received a very big (3 GB in size) patch on Steam:

Hotfix and Linux Patch (big)

Hello All,

We just released a hotfix The following issues are fixed:


Achievements will properly unlock


We also updated Linux build. We have tested it on Ubuntu 17.04. If you have a different distro and run into troubles with cinematics, please let us know. Thanks.

Civilization VI: Fall-Update and DLC Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack released for Linux

Civilization VI Header
Civilization VI Khmer DLC

Finally the so called Fall-Update for Civilization VI has been released on Linux by Aspyr, incl. the DLC "Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack" (if you own the Digital Deluxe Edition, otherwise get it here).

The Curious Expedition: Update v1.3.0.1 with Mod-Support and Achievements released

The Curious Expedition Mod Header
The Curious Expedition Screenshot

The fantastic Rogue-like Strategy-game The Curious Expedition receives with the current update v1.3.0.1 for Linux many improvements but also Mod-support and Achievements!

Modding and Achievements are here!
The Curious Expedition - ByteRiot

We've been looking forward to this moment for a looong time! We're happy to finally share our big modding and achievements update with you! :)

Zombie Night Terror: Patch 1.3.1 with Level-Editor released for Linux

Zombie Night Terror Level-Editor Header
Zombie Night Terror Screenshot

For the Lemmings-inspired strategy-game Zombie Night Terror the Patch 1.3.1 has been released for Linux ob Steam.

It contains among other things a Level-Editor and fixes the Linux-specific startup-bug.
Also the developer started a contest for the best self-made levels.