Dying Light: new update with silencer for pistols released

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Dying Light Silencer

A new update for Dying Light has been released for Linux on Steam. It adds (among other things) a silencer for pistols to the game.

Since your shots now don't attract the enemies, it creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night:

Dying Light stealth has just been redefined!

Equip your pistols with the silencer and don’t worry about noise anymore. Now your gunshots won’t attract the enemies, which creates completely new stealth opportunities - especially at night.

HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition: now available for Linux on Steam

HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition Header
HITMAN - Game of the Year Edition Patient Zero

The Game of the Year Edition of Hitman is now available for Linux on Steam!

This 4 GB huge, for all owners of the main game free Update includes a new campaign (Patient Zero), new weapons, new suits, an improved lighting and much more!

UPDATE: as it seems, the GOTY-Update will cost you additional $20. :-(

Goken: beautiful Action-JRPG leaves Early Access

Goken Header
Goken Screenshot

Goken, a very beautiful Action-JRPG has left Early Access and the full version can currently (until 09. October 2017) be bought for Linux at Steam with a 25% discount (14,99€ instead of 19,99€).


GOKEN seeks to bring back everything that was right about gaming in an action packed open world environment in the form of the good old Action RPG genre and have the old school gamers tremble in nostalgia.

Victor Vran: huge pre-DLC update released

Victor Vran Header

Today saw the release of a huge update (2.9 GB) to the Action-RPG Victor Vran as preparation to the release of the two upcoming DLCs: Motörhead Through the Ages and Fractured Wrods.

Also an announcement was made, that Doug Cockle will be back in his role as voice of Victor Vran, both in the upcoming Overkill Edition (release: 06. June 2017) but also in the new DLCs.

The list of changes and improvements for the update is long - very long: