Lutris 0.4.10 released

Lutris Client Screen

Only a short time after the release of version 0.4.9 we now get the new version 0.4.10 of Lutris.

It contains the following new features and improvements:

lutris (0.4.10) zesty; urgency=medium

* Remove PCSX-R runner
* Migrate PCSX-R games to use PCSX Rearmed on RetroArch
* Fix game config being overidden if edited while the game is running
* Fix Y Axis mapping for the Dual Shock 3 in X360CE
* Add dinput8 option for X360CE for games requiring it (Dead Space 2,
Darksiders, ...)
* Add dialog to optionally sync Steam and XDG desktop shortcuts at startup
* (Re)add ScummVM import
* Reenable Lutris runtime by default for Dolphin
* Update Winetricks (Fixes .NET 3.5 installation)
* Avoid a crash if Wine prefix is not created
* Update Wine and Steam icons
* Add support for lutris:rungame/... and lutris:install/... urls
* Always instanciate the client's window even when installing or launching
a game
* Stop Lutris process monitor instantly when all child processes have quit,
speeds up game installs and prevents zombie processes.
* Display real time console output in the game log dialog
* Display real time console output during game installations
* Add option to launch the Steam client instead of the game in Wine Steam

-- Mathieu Comandon Mon, 15 May 2017 22:08:13 -0700

The current version can be downloaded here.

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