PlayOnLinux: Version 4.2.11 released

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It has been more than one year since the version 4.2.10 of PlayOnLinux, which has been released in January 2016.

Today the version 4.2.11 of PlayOnLinux has been released, but the list of changes is small:

# 4.2.11
* Fix POL_SetupWindow_download clobbering $FILENAME
* Fix small typo in first use "send report" message

Playonlinux 4.2.10 released

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Playonlinux, the Software, which makes it easy to use Windows-Titles on Linux (using WINE), has released the Version 4.2.10.


PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 4.2.10 are now released. Here is the changelog:

Wine 1.8 staging is now the default wine version on OSX. The build process has been improved thanks to wine-staging team so that the compiler supports ms_hook_prologue, allowing function hotpatching. This should improve the compatibility of some applications like Steam.