Wizard of Legend: Update zum zweiten Geburtstag veröffenticht

Wizard of Legend 2nd Anniversary
Wizard of Legend Screenshot

Exakt zwei Jahre nach seinem Erscheinen erhält das Action-Roguelike Wizard of Legend ein weiteres Geburtstags-Update auf Steam:

Hey Everyone!

The Wizard of Legend second anniversary patch is now live and includes all of the content from our previous sneak peek announcement! If the update does not immediately show up for you, please try restarting your Steam client. You can verify that the update was applied by checking the version number in the bottom right corner of the title screen is displaying the version number v1.22.

Here's a quick overview of what was added:
- Over a dozen new arcana!
- Over a dozen new cursed relics!
- Trophy case with history of your best runs!
- A new NPC to save some of your favorite builds!
- Variety of quality of life improvements!

For a full detailed list of changes, you can check out our change log here:


Thank you all for an amazing 2 years of support! We couldn't have done it without you and we hope you enjoy the new content! Cheers!