Virtual Cottage: Update 1.5.4 veröffentlicht

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Virtual Cottage Screenshot

Auf Steam steht das Update 1.5.4 für das kostenfreie Virtual Cottage bereit.

Dieses fügt unter anderem neue Musik sowie mehr Wetter hinzu:

Weather, savegame and to-do list
Hey Cottage Dwellers!

We were really busy with our other projects and there was no real time to work on the cottage. But finally it's time to bring a new update which introduces new features, quality of life improvements and some fixes.

As you can see, the little construction area in the Cottage is now gone. Instead there is a small fire place now. And that brings us to the features :)


- Fireplace: Can be toggled to hear the fireplace
We know winter is over for the northern hemisphere, but maybe you'll enjoy it on some cold mornings or nights. As for the southern hemisphere, you'll now be able to toggle snow and the fireplace, when it get's cold over there :)

- More weather types: Snow and wind were added so now you can toggle between 3 different weather sounds. Also the tec for adding more weather is now in place. (sound effects were provided by the wonderful Damien Combe from Nox Sound)

- To-do list: A lot of you were requesting a to-do list. Here it is! (Well, version 1 that is)
You can now note down three sub tasks in the game itself:
* Clicking the "to do" button brings up the list
* Tab is used to navigate the three rows
* Clicking the button again clears your list
This is just the first iteration of the list and we'll improve it in future updates. Please let us know if you use it and how you use it so we can make changes in future updates.

- Savegame: Your audio volume preferences and your time setting (am/pm vs 24h) will now be saved and loaded.

Quality of life improvements:
- Two new music tracks were added:
Joe Bizzaro - r a i n y d a y
Dreeme Ft GBY - Losing It

- Removed track Signals by Omaure until we can get a filter for songs containing vocals. Thanks again for the feedback on this one :)

- Paused music should not be playing after unpausing the game
- To hunt down the achievement trigger bug / "time played" discrepancy, you can now hold "P", to see how many minutes / hours you've spent in the game.