Tropico 6: Update (v.15) "Entretenimiento de músicos callejeros" und DLC "Festival" veröffentlicht

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Zu Tropico 6 wurde das Update 15 namens "Entretenimiento de músicos callejeros" sowie der (Bezahl-)DLC "Festival" auf Steam für Linux veröffentlicht.

Update 15:

Tropico 6 Update 15 – “Entretenimiento de músicos callejeros”

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 Update v.15 ‘Entretenimiento de Músicos Callejeros’ was just released for Windows, Linux and Mac for Steam. This update adds new content, such as the busker and the option to apply custom names to citizens and buildings. Give your island paradise even more character and name your inhabitants freely according to your wishes!

It also includes some improvements and bug fixes, for example, military units not leaving their barracks during an attack, and more challenging thresholds to victory conditions. The bug that occurred with the Ancient Ruins on the "Rio" map has also been addressed.

Viva Tropico!

New Features

A new entertainment ‘building’ has been added: Meet the busker, a street artist who can be placed on sidewalks and adds that extra flair to your buzzing streets (available from Colonial Times onwards).
Citizens and buildings can now be given custom names. Citizens with custom names will show up in a special section within the almanac.


Added more challenging thresholds to victory conditions in sandbox and multiplayer mode.
Reorganized display of modifiers in the efficiency-tab of buildings.
Improved raid duration time accuracy.
Adjusted cost for modernizing Guard Towers.
The housing demands of Tropicans have improved. They no longer build shacks near wind turbines and relay stations.
[Lobbyistico] Rebalanced beauty-value of parks from the Lobbyistico content.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where military units would not leave their barracks during an attack.
Fixed the Ancient Ruins site on the “Rio”map .
Fixed an issue where the efficiency of barracks did not affect the strength of the units.
Fixed several occurrences where citizens were teleporting to their destination.
Fixed an issue where El Presidente would talk to Tropicans without triggering the effect of improving their personal experience.
Fixed Church Fee edict increasing fees for all buildings instead of just religious ones.
Fixed an issue where the research menu would appear empty when opening it for the first time in a session.
The work modes of the Funfair Pier were not working correctly. These issues have been resolved.
Fixed several crashes and text issues.

DLC Festival:


We have today thrown open the doors for Tropico 6’s preeminent presidential party – the brand-new Festival DLC. Starting today, PC players (Windows, Linux, and Mac) are invited to host the biggest bonanza the archipelago has ever seen, presiding over its planning and working closely with El Presidente to fight for their right to party.

Tropico 6 – Festival challenges players to channel their creativity by planning and managing a series of celebrations, while combating ‘The Boredom’ – an evil, fun-fighting force that threatens to thwart all festivities on the sun-soaked isles of Tropico.

Empowering players to serve up the best soirees possible, Tropico 6 – Festival also adds a unique party planning mechanic to Tropico 6, allowing players to host 20+ types of festivals. Four distinctive, themed areas will be included for players to throw spectacular shindigs, as well as new buildings such as the Dance School, Balloon and Fireworks factory to get the party started. Players will also be able to enjoy a host of new musical additions, alongside a snazzy party outfit for El Prez and a paint job for the presidential palace.