Tropico 6: Update "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) lässt es schneien

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Das neueste Update zu Tropico 6 auf Steam namens "Feliz Navidad" (Version 7.1) lässt es auf eurer Insel schneien und bringt auch weitere Weihnachtsutensilien mit sich.

Und natürlich wurden auch ein paar Bugs gefixt:

Tropico 6 update ‘Feliz Navidad’ (version 7.1) has been released!

Fellow Tropicans!
A new free update for Tropico 6 is now available, bringing Xmas to the isles!

El Prez wanted to celebrate traditionally, so unwrap this update and you’ll be privy to a bevy of seasonal goodies.

This includes:
Snow effect in Tropico
Snowman and Christmas Present decorations
Christmas Elf outfit for La Presidenta and Santa outfit for El Presidente

Additionally, we’ve sorted out a few more bugs and crashes.

Check below for further details:

New Features
[Limited time] ‘Christmas’ seasonal event has been added
Snow in Tropico! El Prez made it possible (can be disabled any time).
Keen on some new decorations? Snowman and Christmas Present items will be available to adorn your tropical paradise all throughout Christmas (can be disabled any time)
New ‘Santa Presidente’ customization option added for El Prez
New ‘Christmas Elf’ customization option added for La Presidenta
Main Menu will now feature a Christmas-themed logo

Bug Fixes for Tropico 6
Multiplayer: players are now able to continue a match even when too deep in debt.
‘Warehouse’ building is now accessible in previous sandbox save games.
Fixed several crashes.
Fixed several localization issues.
Contents of non-purchased DLCs will no longer be shown in customization menu.

Bug Fixes for The Llama of Wallstreet DLC
[Linux / Mac] Fixed negative knowledge points at the beginning of ‘Llama of Wall Street’ mission.
Fixed slightly misleading description of certain economic events.
Moved edict ‘Made in Tropico’ to be behind others in Research screen.
Fixed issue where non-DLC save games would not load during an active DLC mission.

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