Transport Fever 2: großes Update auf Version 29372 veröffentlicht

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Transport Fever 2 Update Version 29372

Das umfangreiche Update auf die Version 29372 wurde für Transport Fever 2 veröffentlicht.

Ein komplettes Changelog befindet sich hier.

New major game update released
Transport Fever 2 - luftfisch_ug
We are very happy to be able to release another major game update today.

With this update, we fulfill the widely expressed request for stronger modding support. Many new modding possibilities have been added and exciting new applications can be expected. The update is a big investment for the future.

We have also greatly improved the tools and documentation. Among other things, an extensive wiki was developed, which contains a complete modding specification and a game manual.

Based on the feedback we receive every day, additional improvements have been realized. For example, we have improved the simulation performance and usability. And as with every update, there are various bug fixes and small improvements.

Please find the complete release notes here.

Be assured that Transport Fever 2 will continue to be improved in the future. Since we receive a huge amount of feedback, we are unfortunately unable to fulfill all requests at the same time.

We send the very best regards from the entire Urban Games team and thank you for the great interest in Transport Fever 2!