Tower of Time: weiteres großes Update der Linux Version wegen negativen User-Kommentaren veröffentlicht

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Die Linux-Version des Rollenspiel-Strategiespiel-Mix Tower of Time hat kurz vor dem Release der finalen Version einen weiteren umfangreichen (3,4 GB großen) Patch erhalten.

Anscheinend haben negative Kommentare von Linux-Usern die Entwickler unter Druck gesetzt:

Linux Update

Hello Linux users.

A massive Linux update just went live.

We originally intended to wait with that for the full release, but in the light of negative comments about Linux version not working properly (even if on unsupported distributions), we decided to push it now.

There is a long list of changes here, the most important one is the (yet) another one video player and also different format for all cinematic movies we have in game.

Linux version is giving us headaches since day one. We are struggling hard to make it work on as many distributions as possible, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on each and every one. We do hope that you will understand it.

In case of problems, please just let us know - either via private message, message here in forums or in our beta Discord.

If you decide to give us a negative review because of the issues you encounter, please at least give us more details about the problem, so we can try to solve it for other Linux-user. We do hope that your experience now will be very smooth.

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