Tacoma: Update mit Audio-Kommentaren veröffentlicht

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Tacoma Commentary Shot

Zu Tacoma, das aktuelle Spiel der Macher von Gone Home, wurde ein Update auf Steam veröffentlicht, der dem Spiel über zwei Stunden an Audio-Kommentaren hinzufügt:

Tacoma: Now Updated with Commentary Mode!

Today we launched Tacoma on PS4-- and along with it, we added in a brand new COMMENTARY MODE, which we're bringing to Steam... right now! Tacoma now includes over 2 hours of audio commentary from the designers, writers, artists, programmers and more who brought Tacoma to life. There’s details shared and secrets spilled about the game development process and our thinking on Tacoma’s characters and fictional world--so come along with us and click these shiny icons that are now appearing all over Tacoma Station!

And to celebrate this update and welcome people aboard who haven’t taken the leap yet, Tacoma is 25% off on Steam during PS4 launch week! Dive on in, tell a friend, and experience one of the year’s most gripping game narratives for yourself!

Thanks everyone who's played Tacoma already, or are just grabbing it for the first time now! We hope you enjoy experiencing Commentary Mode as much as we enjoyed making it. Cheers!