Stabiler Steam Client 29.11.2023 für Linux veröffentlicht

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Ein weiterer neuer stabiler Steam-Client (29.11.2023) wurde für Linux veröffentlicht.

Steam Client Update - November 29th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


Fixed the new controller support panel showing on tools/applications
Fixed opening Big Picture Mode from the system tray/task bar
Fixed display of disk space available in "Add a new Steam library folder" dialog
Fixed an issue where unlocking Family View in the client would sometimes not unlock checkout
Fixed an issue where the controller info interstitials could be scaled incorrect on Steam Deck or other small monitors
Fixed an issue where VR-only games could be shown with the "Controller Required" notice along with no controller support

Big Picture Mode

Add the buttons back to the game launch interstitials rather than relying on the footer buttons
Fixed several layout regressions in the quick access menu, eula dialogs, and game achievements page

Steam Input

Fixed the desktop configuration page being blank when opted-out of Steam Input
Fixed for Steam Controller gyro turn rate, and sped up gravity correction. Both were affecting the feel of Gyro to Deflection Mode.
Fixed some controllers not being able to pass the Stationary Tolerances manual calibration phase.
Fixed occasional "jerks" in "Gyro To..." conversion modes that used the gravity axis (i.e. Player Space, World Space, Laser Pointer modes)
Improved Gyro to Joystick Deflection mode's low level noise.
Reinstated horizontal haptics for all new "Gyro To..." modes.
Fixed UI: order of Steam Deck Gyro's Calibration readings.
Attempt to fix legacy Gyro "Joystick" mode - use the gravity orientation found upon app switch and subtract it from the live feed.
Added support for the NACON Revolution 5 Pro controller
Fix: Nintendo Joy-Con gyro turn rates are now correctly calibrated for natural angles. Was previously at 80% real world turn rate.
Fix: "Gyro to..." modes jumping when adding/removing action layers or switching action sets.
Fix: Sony Dualshock accelerometer reading was incorrect on initial connection via bluetooth.


Fixed steam overlay causing rendering to stall in some titles (e.g. Watch_Dogs)
Fixed steam overlay causing crashes in some titles
Fixed double click handling in steam overlay
Fixed mouse clicks in the overlay for CS2


Added "End of Life" alert for macOS 10.13 ("High Sierra") and 10.14 ("Mojave"). Steam Client support for these operating systems will end on February 15th, 2024 at 10am. See here for additional details.

Steam VR

Desktop Game Theater - Only capture non-VR applications while visible in headset. Throttling will revert to default (monitor or no vsync, rather than headset vsynced) when content is not displayed in headset. This should fix most flat2vr type games, which require running the application at double headset framerate to generate stereo image pairs.
Fixed some cases of the VR dashboard showing itself on game start.
Fixed a couple cases where the dashboard was being opened when it should not.