Stabiler Steam Client 27.02.2024 für Linux veröffentlicht

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Ein weiterer neuer stabiler Steam-Client (27.02.2024) wurde für Linux veröffentlicht.

Steam Client Update - February 27th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam, clearing path for further updates soon.
Added support for saving uncompressed HDR screenshots as AVIF.
Improved performance when adding/removing multiple games to/from Family View in the library.
Removed duplicate friend counter on game capsules.
Stopped showing ready-to-play icon on Recent Games shelf, which does not filter to ready-to-play.
Fixed bug which would sometimes cause Steam to show UI and take focus if configured to run at system startup.
Fixed bug which would sometimes cause Update News window to take focus from other Steam windows.
Fixed issue where clicking on Voice Chat invitation notifications did not open chat.
Fixed maximize/restore button and window resize grip not updating properly.
Fixed "My Games" collection also including games borrowed from other users.
Fixed opacity of play bar on game details pages.
Fixed window border sometimes showing around full screen videos on Windows 11.
Fixed settings UI showing the wrong default state for the "Guide button focuses Steam" setting.
Fixed miscellaneous regressions in the screenshot manager.
Fixed wide game images sometimes failing to load.
Fixed custom logo positions sometimes not applying on app details pages.
Fixed double notifications when friends go online or in-game.
Fixed collapse state of friends list and chat group sections not being properly remembered.
Fixed game news sometimes appearing out of order in game details activity feed.
Fixed a crash when launching a VR game while using SteamVR v1.27.5.
Fixed CD Keys popup not appearing during launch for games that request it.
Fixed main Steam window re-opening when closed if small mode has been entered or exited.
Fixed some extraneous disk reads that could impact performance.
Fixed detection of whether you have used a VR device in order to improve a few warning messages.
Fixed downloading content with long file names in some cases.
Fixed creation of erroneous steamwebhelper processes when steamwebhelper crashes.
Fixed user avatar in title bar momentarily switching back to default during startup.
Fixed opening a friend's wishlist in game page activity feed events.
Fixed explorer window not being brought to foreground when Browse local files is selected on Windows.

Big Picture Mode

Added Interface panel to settings
Improved the display in the "Controller Configuration" tab when there are no controllers attached or the active controller is opted out of Steam Input.
Fixed a case where no element would be selected in the UI when closing the quick access menu.
Fixed Steam notifications not showing while in-game.

Remote Play

Enable VA-API DRM hardware decoding on Linux.
Greatly improved performance when using hardware encoding with AMD video cards on Windows.
Fixed black screen and missing performance graph when starting a stream.


Improve layout and imagery for some of the dialogs that show up when launching VR games.
Clicking on items in the control bar (e.g. a download in progress) will correctly switch to the Steam tab.
Show reloading message when SteamVR quits before reloading the Steam window.
Notifications in VR look much better. Requires SteamVR beta, otherwise notifications will not appear.
Steam now only reloads every fifth time that SteamVR quits.
Fixed a case where Steam could prevent SteamVR from properly detecting a USB connected headset and/or controllers.

Steam Input

Added a setting for the player LED for DualSense controllers.
QoL Gyro Calibration button available in Controller Config Quick settings, and in the Gyro section of the Controller Layout Editor.
Controllers can be used to dismiss/continue when controller support information panels appear before a Desktop game's launch.
Fixed Gyro enable button not being respected.
Fixed styling of the controller mode settings page.
Possible fix for cases where configuration edits would be dropped when toggling in and out of the overlay.

Steam Overlay

Corrected Steam overlay colors when games have HDR enabled.
Fixed middle-click panning not working in overlay browser on Windows.
Fixed notes window controls scrolling off the top and new note/delete note buttons not being visible.

Friends & Chat

Fixed a case where group chats could get stuck on "Requesting Group Chat Information" after reconnecting to Steam.


Fixed a case where the client could get stuck in the shutting down screen.
Fixed rare crashes during window creation.
Fixed controller input inconsistently working in Big Picture mode windows.


Fixed intermittent Steam API crash in some Apple Silicon games.