Revhead: Update 42 "Full Steam Ahead" veröffentlicht

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Revhead Update 42 Header

Das Update 42 "Full Steam Ahead" zur Renn-Simulation Revhead wurde jetzt für Linux auf Steam veröffentlicht.

Update #42 - Full Steam Ahead!

Version: 1.7.10115

Dear Revheads!

We are going ahead with full Steam!

The upcoming months will bring many new updates. As our community grows and Revhead arrives to new platforms, we find it important to reach out our users more than ever!

First, we want to make sure all Steam users, including SteamDeck and Mac Apple Silicon versions are fully supported.

Next, we are bringing community news into the game. What better place for it then the newspaper you already use every day! The newspaper now includes a community / dev page, where we can share news, contests and more! Also, in-game ads helps to find local shops and hints. More informational, helping contents coming soon!
The community page will be available only in English!

Finally, we are rolling out new contests, where winners has the chance to be included in our game as NPC or Revheads or win a free key for Revhead and its DLCs. Check out the game newspaper for more information about actual contest!

Also, to be able to push our game further in our own way, we have decided to leave PlayWay as our publisher! We both agreed that our way is not exactly the PlayWay's way and would be better for everyone to do it on our own as we did it in the past 6 years! No hard feeling left, we are all agreed what is best for our players!

Full support of SteamDeck (text size increased for better reading, fixed text type-in, etc)
Special build for native support of Mac Apple Silicon
Newspaper extended with cover and community page, including developer news
Newspaper extended with in-game ads for local shops as help for our players (more to come)
Tweaked humanoid animation for better quality and added sprint animation for faster movement
Fixed OSX M1 visual glitch reported by our Steam users
Some bugfixes